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Despite careful preparations, unexpected moving expenses can still pop up! Between packing tape, markers, and last-minute Chinese takeout, there are numerous last-minute essentials you will have to purchase for your move. You shouldn’t need to buy moving boxes, though, as there are plenty of places you can find FREE ones! Here are 4 tried and true places to check before you spend money on moving boxes.

1. Friends and family

You’d be surprised how many people have extra cardboard boxes hanging around. Know a friend that shops a lot online? There’s a good chance they have a small collection of boxes in their garage waiting to be broken down and recycled. They’d probably be happy to give them to you instead! Ask via word of mouth or just make a Facebook post and tag some friends!

2. Craigslist

Many people post on sites like Craigslist when they have moving boxes to get rid of. Because most people want to get rid of boxes quickly, they’re usually free. Be sure you check the condition of the boxes before you agree to take them. Some boxes have already been through multiple moves and could prove to be unreliable.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Social media is a great place to turn to get free moving boxes. Start by searching locally for “free moving boxes” and see what comes up. If there aren’t any in your area, make an “ISO (in search of)” post, so that others on Marketplace know that you need some.

4. Local buy/sell groups

Neighborhood apps, Facebook buy/sell groups, and church circulars typically have sections where members can post free items. There are usually several people giving away moving boxes. Again, you can search or create your own post asking if anyone has any free moving boxes.

As you can see, there are numerous places you can turn to in search of free moving boxes. Be on the lookout for bulk batches of boxes and packing paper, so that you don’t have to go driving all around town collecting what you need. And again, make sure the boxes are in good condition so that they hold up throughout the entirety of your move!

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