Many homeowners as well as those who rent condos and apartments become anxious, frustrated, and stressed when their places are filled with junk that they don’t need as well as plenty of clutter in general. In fact, they frequently chastise themselves for not being organized enough and for being sloppy.

And, the fact of the matter is that it is extremely easy to allow clutter to accumulate over time, and no one should be hard on themselves for allowing that to happen. Especially if they are looking for an item that they need that is lost in the clutter somewhere in their homes. People become busy and distracted, and leave items in different areas around the home as a result of that. It is easy to say that even though they notice the clutter, they also forget that there are items strewn around that are needed and that they consider as junk.

However, the good news is, there are simple hacks to keep your home, condo, or apartment organized from the start. And, these tips are quite effortless. Let’s go over some of them right now:

Buy some containers

This tip is extremely effective because these containers are meant to hold small items such as magazines, books, pens, notebooks, tools, and so on. The other great thing about containers is that these items will be easy to find in addition to them being out of the way. And, you will also want to invest in those smaller containers that will hold your small personal items such as your keys, wallet, hairbrushes, and so on. Keep that one accessible to you at all times. These containers can be labeled as well in regards to the group of items that are being held in them.

Invest in a shoe rack

It is very easy to have plenty of pairs of shoes which end up getting strewn across the home in different areas. However, once you have a shoe rack, you have the best place to store your shoes. Not to mention, the pair of shoes you will be looking for are going to be right there!

Sort out old items that you no longer need

A large part of what most cluttered homes are composed of are old clothing, toys, and anything else that was once useful but is not any longer. This means you will need to pick a day to schedule a big ‘sorting out’ day. Old items that you no longer need or want can be placed in garbage bags, and you can donate those items to different non-profit organizations that always have a use for those items.

Remove items that are simply taking up space

There is no doubt that most people have bags, boxes, old containers, and so on that only take up space and are not at all needed. Those must be tossed away in the trash, and in order to prevent these useless items from taking up your own personal space in the future – get rid of them right away once you no longer need them. If you don’t have the time or the energy to remove this type of clutter, then you can always hire a junking company that will remove these items.

Clean out drawers

It is very easy to allow small and useless items accumulate in drawers such as old and expired makeup, old hair brushes, and so on. Once you go through your drawers and clean out what you don’t need, then you can designate each drawer for the type of items that you want to store. For instance, if you have plenty of office supplies and you are looking for a good place to put them – then one of your drawers can be designated for that purpose alone.

If you consistently implement these tips in order to help keep your home uncluttered and clean, then you will not have to face any anxiety and stress that is associated with living in highly cluttered spaces. You will also have to rinse and repeat quite often in order to maintain a neat and organized home that will provide you with a calming and relaxing environment!

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