Are you in the process of buying a new home? If so, you may have wondered just how important a survey is.

Well, generally speaking, a survey is rather important and will often be required by your lender. A survey can reveal several aspects of your new home that you may not have even thought of – some major and some minor! A survey gives you the time to have these issues addressed before you move in.

Why do I need one?

Getting a survey will ensure that your envisaged property does not infringe on the neighboring house and, if you ever wanted to build a shed or a fence in the future, the city would require a copy of your survey.

Many investors advise never purchasing real estate without getting a survey. This makes clear to you what the property lines are and any easements that may be associated with your land. In addition, it shows which part of your property you could use should you wish to extend your home or build a pool.

Not only this, but a survey will show you if the property lies in a flood zone: important information to have!

How much will it cost me?

A survey is also relatively cheap when you consider the entire cost of your home and it is well worth your while to protect your investment. This is practically the only tool you could use to show you exactly what you are buying when it comes to your land. It should be noted, though, that a survey will unfortunately not cover you should there be a title dispute. If you would like to be covered for a title dispute, consider buying title insurance.

Unsure about how to go about this? We’ll be able to give you the names of some good survey companies that you could use.

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