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Are you underestimating the importance of “location, location, location?”

Figuring out where you should live is a critical point in your search for the perfect home. But have you ever wondered how much your commute time should affect your search? Let’s talk about how to factor commute time into your home-buying decision.

Map out your regular commute to narrow your search.

Before you get your hopes up about a particular house, print a map of the city you’re house hunting in. Next, circle key locations like work, school, church, and any other places you commute to on a weekly basis. Now, take a step back and make a list of areas that are viable options according to the activities you circled. Cross off neighborhoods that impute a commute time your lifestyle cannot handle.

As you complete this exercise, remind yourself that your new home has to sync to your life, not the other way around. You’ll have more confidence in your search going forward.

Maintain a short commute to maximize your money and time.

As much as you would like to live in that amazing neighborhood you keep hearing about, it may be less than ideal. Finding the perfect home is useless if it’s an hour away from all of your usual activities. Time and money are precious commodities. Therefore, traveling 2 hours daily (round trip) to and from a regular commitment is not only a needless expense but a waste of precious time you could be spending doing something else more important. Figure up how much you are currently spending and how much you are willing to spend on gas or other transportation for your commute and go from there.

Remember that everyone’s needs are different.

Of course, commute time means something different from person to person. Some individuals are excellent at multitasking and can work on phone calls or brainstorming a project while they commute, others may not. Determine whether or not a lengthy commute time is an issue for you. Consult a realtor if you’re still unsure what role commute time plays in your personal home-buying decision.

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