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If there’s one goal every homebuyer has in common it’s this: get the best deal possible! In order to do that, though, you have to do a combination of a couple of things.

1. Look past cosmetic issues

You can change the paint color, light fixtures, even landscaping. You can’t change location, number of bedrooms, and neighborhood. So if a house has good bones, a solid foundation, and meets your other must-haves, it might be worth putting an offer in, despite that ocean-themed bathroom.

2. When in doubt, stick with market value

Have your agent help you double check the fair market value for the home you’re wanting. This is far more important than the current price tag.

3. Get preapproved before you make an offer

Trying to figure out your budget and put in an offer at the same time is sure to end in disappointment. It’s best to analyze your savings first, go through the approval process, then put in an offer. Homeowners and their agents are much more likely to give you a deal if they see you’ve got a way to pay lined up and ready to go.

4. Be prepared to be flexible if necessary

While it’s good to set your budget and stick to it, sometimes you have to just take the deal! If you’re in the process of negotiating a house that is slightly over-budget for you, listen to your agent’s advice and determine at what price point you are willing to say “deal.” This is especially true if you’re under a time crunch. Better to get a great home for almost the price you wanted than to throw away valid options because you were dead set on sticking to your budget.

There are countless other nuances and tricks when it comes to negotiating a good deal on a home, so when in doubt, work with your agent! They are going to be your greatest asset throughout the negotiating process. They’re backing you, trying to help you get the best deal, and they have the expertise to make it happen.

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