While there many factors that affect a prospective home buyer’s decision to purchase a home, first impressions play a significant role. If you’re unsure what needs to be done in order to attract buyers, there are a few things you can do to stack the odds in your favor. Your house doesn’t have to be bare or lack personality, but it should look less lived-in and more “open to interpretation.”

Tips for outdoors:
  • Remove bird feeders, wind chimes, and other items you’ve added to personalize the front porch, aside from maybe a small bench or a plant
  • Mow and edge the lawn, weed flower beds, and trim overgrown bushes
  • Pressure wash walkways and driveways, and do the siding as well if it needs it
  • Storing things in your driveway is one of the best ways to get rid of prospective buyers! Put trash cans, empty flower pots, tarps, toys, etc. in your garage. Your driveway should be empty aside from your vehicle, of course.
Tips for indoors:
  • We understand how much you love your home and all the little personal touches you’ve added over the years. But home buyers don’t care about the life you’ve built in your home. They are trying to visualize theirs. Make that easier for them to do by clearing the fridge of magnets, artwork, and family photos.
  • Make beds, open curtains to let light in (light makes rooms appear bigger), and clear surfaces of things like mail, keys, and receipts. The less you have on counters and surfaces, the better.
  • Arrange furniture around a focal point like a fireplace, a television, or a window. Make walking spaces wide, pull furniture away from walls slightly, and make sure there is a clear pathway into the room from the entrance.

If you’re still having trouble minimizing your home, try decluttering. You’ll have less to pack and your home will look more open and inviting. Talk to your realtor for more tips on how to prepare your home to sell!

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