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It’s time to make the necessary preparations for cold weather! As you prepare things like your vehicle and wardrobe for the change of seasons, you should also start thinking about how you should prep your home for the winter weather as well.

Keep heat in, keep cold out

When it’s cold, you want to retain heat. From the attic to the windows, there are numerous spots in your home where cold air can come in and heat can escape. To prevent this, check to make sure that:

  • all windows seal tightly
  • your attic floor has enough insulation
  • there are no leaks or cracks in the roof
  • there is no space between your doors and their frames
  • the fireplace flue is closed when the fireplace isn’t in use

Use weather strips, caulk, etc. to make necessary repairs. Other areas that may need extra insulation are your water heater, outside water spickets, and basement pipes.

Prep for freezing temps

Anything that water flows through is vulnerable when temperatures reach freezing. So before the weather starts turning cold, drain and disconnect garden hoses, shut external water valves off, and clean gutters out.

Prevent pipes from bursting

In order to protect inside pipes from bursting during the winter months, make sure that when it’s particularly cold you:

  • keep a slow trickle of water going in faucets so that pipes don’t burst
  • open cabinet doors at night so that heat can get to the pipes and protect them from bursting.

How else are you preparing your home for winter?
Share your tips with us!

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