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These days, you can find pages of homes that meet all of your must-haves with a couple of clicks. So if buying/selling a home is that easy, is getting a real estate agent really worth it? We think it is, for two reasons:

1. Realtors do what computers can’t

Getting a real estate agent to help you buy or sell your home may seem optional, but before you trust your internet search instead of a realtor, think of all the services that a real estate agent provides that a computer can’t.

  • Real estate agents have a pulse on the housing market.
  • They can tell you which homes are overpriced in your area and which ones are priced fairly.
  • A real estate agent also has experience and connections with real people in the real estate realm, something your laptop doesn’t have.
  • Realtors use what they have learned over the years to help you get the best deal possible.
  • Unlike a computer, an agent is able to be physically present and give you much-needed tips and insight. For example, they can help you understand upcoming expenses, highlight what repairs and adjustments you need to make before trying to sell, and teach you how to prepare for an inspection.

Additionally, the biggest pro to getting a real estate agent is that they’re personal. A realtor can communicate back and forth with you, answering questions and meeting your needs with far more accuracy than a computer. This makes the whole process easier, which brings us to the second reason we believe getting a real estate agent is worth it.

2. Realtors relieve stress

DIY-ing has always been on-trend, but thanks to the internet, people are starting to think they can DIY everything, including things better left to a professional (like real estate.) If you’ve never tried to buy or sell a home before, you may not understand how involved the whole process can be. Without a good agent, you’re left to figuring it all out on your own. When you get a real estate agent, though, you don’t have to worry about all the details! It takes some pressure off of you, and this is what makes getting a real estate agent so worth it.

Packing and moving are hectic enough without the added stress of doing a realtor’s job as well. Instead of taking on that extra role, get a real estate agent and allow yourself to simply focus on the transition. You’ll be glad you did!

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