When you are ready to put your house on the market, you are going to need to make some changes to your home in order to make it appealing to any potential buyer. This also means that you must be prepared to put out some money in order to make these major changes in your home. Remember the saying that you need to spend money to make money? That applies to when you are dressing up your home that you are planning to sell. And, the one reason you will need to make some investments is that you will want to make the rooms in your home appear to be larger than they are. Here are 5 tips that you can utilize in order to make this change:

Add more lighting

Any darkened room appears to be small, and this is why adding in some
lighting will help make the rooms appear to be larger. You can install more spot-lighting, or a torchiere light, a skylight, or a solar tube. Either way, your rooms need to be brighter as that alone will make it appear large.

Paint your rooms with light colored paint

You know how whenever you wear a light colored shirt it may not be the most flattering. This is why a lot of people wear dark clothing because it gives you a slimmer appearance. The same goes for the rooms in your home. If your rooms have dark colored paint, then you will need to strongly consider painting the walls a light color, which includes the ceiling. The best colors to use are cream, light beige, lavender, and light blue with a touch of a grayish accent. Light colors not only reflect a lot of light, but they multiply it.

Invest in sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are highly recommended to purchase for those who are selling their home. These curtains help create an open-atmosphere which will make the room appear to be larger as well.

Buy some extra mirrors

You may want to consider getting some wall mirrors for some of your rooms because that alone will make the room appear to be a lot bigger than it really is. In fact, you can make a room appear to be double the size if you put a mirror that covers the entire wall.

Declutter your rooms

This may or may not require you to invest any money. That depends on whether or not you have so many loose items that you don’t need to the point that you will have to hire a junker to collect it. Or, you may have to invest some bins to put loose items in which you can store in your basement or attic. However, decluttering any room will make the room’s appearance to be larger than it is! Now you know how to make your rooms appear to be a lot bigger than they really are. And yes, you will be having to make some investments. But again, you know the saying, you have to spend money to make money which applies whenever it comes to selling your home! Good luck!

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