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How to decide what kind of staging is right for you

Thinking of hiring a professional to stage your home? Considering doing it yourself? Which route is best depends heavily on the unique needs and giftings of the individual. Here are some things to think about when it comes time to stage your home.

What is your budget for staging?

If you have a limited budget, hiring a staging professional may be a luxury you cannot afford. So first of all, figure out how much budget you have to spend on preparing your home to sell. (Be sure to include anything that needs fixing or renovating.) After you’ve determined other prep costs, you can see what remains and spend it on a staging expert. Don’t be too disappointed if a staging professional doesn’t fit in your budget, though. There are plenty of budget-friendly, DIY ways to make your home attractive to buyers.

How much time/energy do you have to stage your home?

Do you have little ones? Perhaps both you and your spouse work full time? Packing up and prepping your home to sell is a lot of work. Naturally, the more moving parts in your household, the more complicated things can get. Consider hiring a professional to handle staging your home if you have young children or a busy lifestyle. Having one less thing to worry about during your family’s transition could make staging a valuable investment and a worthwhile expense.

Do you have any decorating or staging experience?

Last but not least, one of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional to stage your home is the expertise they bring to the table. Because of their experience, professional staging experts know what makes a home more desirable to prospective buyers. So unless you have prior interior design or decorating experience, you might want to hire a professional to stage your home. Knowing you’re doing all you can to sell your home quickly will put your mind at ease, help you focus on packing, and make the move go more smoothly in general.

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